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The Clans

Warrior BooksEdit

Super Editions

Yellowfang's Secret                
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Crookedstar's Promise             

Bluestar's Prophecy

Tallstar's Revenge 

Skyclan's Destiny

Firestar's Quest

Bramblestar's Storm

Warriors, First Series

1. Warriors Into The Wild

2. Fire And Ice

3. Forest Secrets                                                        

4. Rising Storm                                                             

5. Dangerous Path                                                                                                                                                         

6. Darkest Hour

The New Prophecy

1. Midnight   

2. Moonrise 

3. Dawn


5. Twilight

6. Sunset

The Power Of Three

1. The Sight

2. Dark River

3. Outcast

4. Eclipse

5. Long Shadow's

6. Sunrise

Omen Of The Stars

1. The Fourth Apprentice

2. Fading Echo's 

3. Night Whisper's 

4. Sign Of The Moon

5. The Forgotton Warrior

6. The Last Hope

  • Jayfeather
  • Boulder
  • Graypool, Mistystar, and Stonefur
  • Cinderpelt
  • Firestar
  • Bluestar
  • Crowfeather
  • Leafpool
  • Graystripe
  • Tigerstar
  • Scourge And Bone
  • Hawkfrost
  • Brokenstar
  • Littlecloud and Runningnose
  • Hollyleaf, Lionblaze and Jayfeather
  • Yellowfang
  • Mudclaw
  • Sandstorm
  • Brightheart
  • Tallstar
  • Blackstar
  • Leopardstar
  • Crookedstar
  • Stormfur
  • Ravenpaw and Barley
  • Silverstream
  • Feathertail

Dawn Of The Clans

1. Sun Trail

2. Thunder Rising

3. The first Battle

4. Blazing Star

5. Forest Divided


1. Ravenpaw's Path: Shattered Peace

2. Ravenpaw's Path: A Clan In Need

3.  Ravenpaw's Path: The Heart Of A Warrior

1. Skyclan And The Stranger: The Rescue

2. Skyclan And The Stranger: Beyond The Code

3. Skyclan And The Stranger: After The Flood

1. Tigerstar And Sasha: Into The Woods      

2. Tigerstar And Sasha: Escape From The Forest

3. Tigerstar And Sasha: Return To The Clans

The Rise Of Scourge

Warrior's Refuge

The Lost Warrior


Tigerclaw's Fury

Leafpool's Wish

Hollyleaf's Secret

Dovewing's Silence

Cloudstar's Journey

Mistystar's Omen

Untold Stories


Tales Of The Clans

Secrets Of The Clans 

Cats Of The Clans

Battles Of The Clans

Codes Of The Clans

Ultimate Guide

Latest activityEdit

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